Welcome to my studio

I think it’s time I showed you where I work.

Here’s the desk (aka recycled dining room table) where I cut fabric and make patterns. If my fabric is too wide or too long (this happens more often than I’d like!) I use the floor for my layouts. 

On the other side of the room is the sewing station.

In the center, on the desk, is my sewing machine. I’ve had it longer than any other object in my life- my parents gave it to me for my Bat Mitzvah. What 12 years old doesn’t want a sewing machine to celebrate her becoming a woman? It’s held up remarkably well, although in all honesty, it’s probably spent 7 of the last ten years in storage, and runs so much better since I got it its first tune up. (Thats supposed to happen every year, but oh well.)

On the left is my serger- another present from my mom! She wanted to give me something so that I would “have fun.” Naturally, I purchased a machine that does nothing but finish seams and hems. Yeesh.

In all seriousness, though, it’s a really fun machine. I can sew things way faster and more professional-looking. It also enables me to sew jersey more easily! Yay, stretchy stuff.

There’s my thread rack and my re-appropriated cork divets and my chalk board and my iron.

And then my dress form! She’s a present from my dad and step-mom. (Gosh, I need to start earning my keep around here.) Ain’t she a beauty.

The other day, I happened to leave my shoes by her feet and when I came home, I honestly thought there was someone waiting for me in my room.

Anyway, for those of you who were (not) curious, there you go!


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